Monday, 2 May 2016

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

I know it has been absolutely forever since I have posted on here (8 months!!!!) and I'm totally sorry. I'll be honest with you the last 8 months have been turbulent. So much has happened and within that whole mess my fitness and healthy eating totally took a backseat... which I completely regret. Instead of writing an essay I'll bullet point the reasons;

- I started my new job which took me a 4 hour round trip to get to, and healthy eating turned into eating comfort food as my job was stressful and emotionally draining (of which I'm no longer at this job)
- I got with my boyfriend (now ex) and again, I ate more pizza's in them 6 months then I would normally consume in a year (I feel ashamed of myself).
- I wasn't in the mood to blog as all my time was spent elsewhere other then at home - and when I was home I just wanted to sleep and curl up in a ball (and occasionally watch the rugby!)

However, after possibly the worst month going I decided that enough is enough... and I'm back!!! 
I have taken up my running again and my healthy eating. I'm going by the quote of "my body is a temple" and I'm really living by it. Now I'm also back in the dating game, I want to shape up not only for myself but for others. If I'm confident in my body then other people will love me for my confidence. 
So where do we lift off again?
8 months ago, I had lost 30lbs of weight from April to August - my lowest weight was 15 stone 6lbs, and I gained back 12lbs which has taken me to 16 stone 4lbs. 
This time around, I'm going to have less of a full focus on how many calories I consume and focus more on the fitness aspect. I'm still going to log my food, and watch my portions but I'm going to up my fitness.

I've already achieved a new Personal Best after one weeks return to running which I'm super chuffed about. I managed to do a 2 mile run in 30 minutes 12secs on the Friday which if I'm honest I was disappointed as I wanted to do sub 30. However, by the Sunday (2 days later!!) I managed to do a 27 minutes 46secs 2 mile PB!!!!! (Picture on the right is proof, you know what its like now days - no proof, it didn't happen!)

I have also got a FitBit! I have a basic little Flex, but it does the job for me! I don't have many friends on my Fitbit which I would like more of, but it does help me to make myself aware of how much I'm really doing a day - it definitely makes me want to get my steps up and boss my 10,000 step goal!

Also, I'm now predominantly a pescetarian (a vegetarian but I eat fish!) I may eat meat every now and then but my diet is now focused around the veggies and fish. It's definitely been an interesting change, but so far I don't miss meat!!

I think we are pretty much caught up! I'm still going to do the odd post on here, there won't really be a set routine as to when I post as it depends on my new job and how much time I have to post - but you can keep in contact with me over my different media's and follow my journey - details below!

MyFitnessPal - EmmaVictoriaaa
MapMyRun - Emma Victoria
FitBit -
Instagram - emmavictoriaa95

It feels good to be back!!


  1. Its so great to see you gettin back on your feet emma, you've been such an amazing inspiration to so many people and im sure everyone will be happy to hear from you again and offer their support to you aswell as gaining support from the advice you give them.

    1. Thank you Ian!! After a very turbulent time I think its well needed, and I'm already reaping the benefits of switching back to a healthier lifestyle!
      Thank you and everyone's support (especially through recent events!!) is appreciated dearly!

      EV x