Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 5 Food Diary - First Pescetarian Diary!

As you may know from my previous posts that I am about 90% Pescetarian now which means I have a vegetarian diet (I do eat dairy due to needing calcium Doctor's orders) and I eat fish - I only ever eat meat every now and then!

I decided to treat myself on this day as I wanted a breakfast I didn't have regularly and I had a massive craving for a bagel...

New York Bagel Plain - 230 Kcal
Smoked Salmon Trimmings (60g) - 132 Kcal
Reduced Fat Houmous (16g) - 38 Kcal

8 Seafood Sticks (blitzed) - 138 Kcal
Dijon Mustard, 1 tsp - 15 Kcal
Sainsburys Mayonnaise, 1 tbsp - 128 Kcal
5 Ryvita Crackerbread - 95 Kcal
Salt and Vinegar Walkers Crisps - 130 Kcal
Tamarind & Red Lentil Curry - 131 Kcal
White Rice, 1.2 cup - 249 Kcal
Tesco Mini Naan Bread - 129 Kcal

200g Seedles Green Grapes - 132 Kcal
I only went 46 calories over my daily intake but with the calories I burned from my 2 mile run the overflow was covered! In total I consumed 1,546 calories and burned over 600 with my running and my Hi-iT Training that day also. 
So far I haven't really struggled with my new diet, and I am reaping the benefits of living and eating healthily again, I'm having more energy and definitely feel like I'm not as fatigued as I was. I'm not getting any stomach cramping anymore and I'm definitely getting my 5 a-day fruit and vegetables more regularly again - I definitely regret taking time away from my healthy living, but I think if I didn't gorge on the pizza's like I did then maybe I wouldn't be as appreciative now about how well the healthy living makes me?!

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