Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Okay, I wanted to discuss about changes - particularly body changes.

If you follow me over on my Instagram then a week or so ago you may have seen a post where I posted a picture of my current tummy area; and how I've noticed changes over the last year. Over on my personal Facebook I also posted a comparison of my body from August last year (roughly the same weight I am now, as I gained back weight and now losing again) with the same picture.

Let me apologise for my just got out of bed look on the right....
Left is August 2015 at around 15 stone 11.
Right is June 2016 at 15 stone 12.
I definitely feel and somewhat look like I'm back to this shape, if not a little smaller round the waist this time. I also feel proud to say I've been corset training free for a year and a half now (no more tightlacing, phew!). I'm currently without a tape measure so I'm unable to see if my waist is smaller or not or if it just looks smaller to me.

So, what have I done this time round different to weight loss last time? Last time was purely just running/cardio exercises to burn as much fat as possible - this time round I'm lifting weights and really working on lots of strength exercises as well as my cardio. I'd say I've got a much healthier balance this time round. I'm also a pescetarian/vegetarian this time and have noticed I've got 'less' bloating in the stomach area. I have however, gone on the contraceptive pill and a side effect is bloating - so keeping a very close eye on this, and for weight gain.

I've also noticed that my belly button is... well less like a line. My tummy was creased at my belly button when I was 25/30lbs heavier so that was definitely a visual victory and encouragement to carry on - the sit-ups and crunches must be working!

A non-scale victory out of this all, is my confidence. Despite all the drama I've had from August to now I'm still feeling more and more confident (I'm even wearing more lower rise underwear - I only own 2 pairs of high waisted knickers for THAT time of the month!)

Have you done a comparison of how your body has changed? You don't have to be losing weight but it can be super interesting to see how your body changes over the years and as you grow up!

What is a non-scale victory for you? - To me these can be just as, if not more important then a scale victory!

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