Thursday, 23 July 2015

Coping with 1300 Kcal's a Day

So I've had a lot of people ask me about how I'm dealing with my cut of calories from god knows kcals a day to 1800 kcals to now at the 1300 kcals a day.

It's quite difficult at first - I'll be frankly honest with you, it was the toughest first transition week into the 1300 kcals a day, it meant I actually had to look properly at what I was eating. I spoke to a friend who is a trainer and also goes by a healthy eating regime; he's helping me to keep focused and look more wisely at food options.

First of all - you really have to cut the crap out, in my experience so far is that crap is more calories :(

So, I looked at crisps, I still want at least some freedom of foods and to satisfy my naughtiness - so instead of going for my usual Walkers Crisps which are 130 kcals a packet - I now eat Quavers which are 88 kcals a packet (I also forgot how good Quavers taste!).

The longer I stuck at it, ignored everyone pushing me to just 'treat' myself (I know me waaaaay too well to know I'd slip if I just have a 'treat') the more easier it became, yes I still have my days where I struggle so badly, to the point I want to just pack it in, raise my calories and eat a chocolate bar. But I push myself to stay focused and concentrate on what I'm doing because I'm only letting myself down if I don't succeed at this!

I'll be doing some more food diaries based on my 1300 kcals a day soon so you guys can see what I consume and how wisely I try to use my calories.

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