Thursday, 9 July 2015

Running Progress & Don't Let Them Laugh

So I went for my first run! Not my first run ever in my life - this was my first run of my diet and first run of 2015.

I'm not much of a running person; due to a few factors. I have big boobs and it absolutely kills me to run if I'm not wearing at least 2 sports bra's and a compression top; I also can't run more then a couple of times a week due to my back - I had a fall back in 2012 and have a problem with 2 discs in my lumbar which can be very painful.

Running is one of the cheapest exercises you can take part in, so long as you have a good pair of trainers and the right clothing for the job!

But I'm still making the most of what running I can do...

So I had my first issue when out running the other week. It was my first proper run in a long time, and it was the furthest I'd ever run in my life! I felt so happy afterwards but there was something that was still bugging me from what happened earlier on in the run..

So I was running through my village, baring in mind my village was on a hill, and I'd already run 1.3km already.... I was hot, not sweaty yet, but definitely more then rosy faced. I stopped to catch my breathe for a second & to cross the road as cars were turning. And two men who were sat outside the pub, baring in mind with 2 pints of beer - choose to stare and laugh at me. This made me feel so shit. I really wanted to just cry and punch them. It made me so angry that they thought they could judge me for running, just because I'm a fat girl.

I got home and phoned my friend who is a rugby player with what happened; and he made me feel so much better about it all.

He told me this;
"They can't judge you for getting fit and healthy. You are making the good choice. If they want to laugh, then let them. They aren't worth your time or attention; Your body is worth the time and attention - to get it to the way you are happy with". 

It did help me to think - I do not need to let them hurt me, or judge me. I'm the one running and exercising to help get my body fit and healthy; and if that's bad, and something to laugh at - then the joke really is on you.

Just remember, people on the streets don't know who you are, and don't know your medical history or your diet. If they laugh, keep running or walking - you are helping you, and they have no impact in your life.


After my first week of running I felt so happy and proud of myself for even running in the first place. So for my first run of week two, I wanted to see how far I could push myself (like my first run of my first week!) and I managed 3km (in 24 degree Celsius heat as well!) which I was incredibly happy with! After one week to increase my distance by 0.5km is huge for me! 
However, I have picked up a small injury (not from the running thankfully!) in my right calf, so I'm taking the rest of the week quite easy, still running but only to the amount I can tolerate. This week also (when you read this it will be last week!) is incredibly hot, with Wednesday hitting a possible high of 35 degrees celsius - mega hot! And with someone who doesn't cope well with heat and suffers with hayfever - I will be resting and not risking it for a run! 

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