Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 4 Food Diary - My 20th Birthday!

So last Sunday was my 20th Birthday (I'll be honest, its in the contender for one of the birthday's I've been most let down and disappointed - whole other story though).

But I thought I'd do a food post as some people were interested in my food consumption whilst being on a diet..

No I didn't break my diet, I just raised my calorie intake to a sufficient amount. I'll be doing a post in a few weeks time on transitioning from 1800 kcals a day to 1300 kcals - but for my birthday I raised to my usual 1830 kcals.

I planned all my food for my birthday several days prior, and made sure there was no temptations round me.. I also fought off my parents trying to convince me to have an alcoholic drink and take a day off my diet. The thing with me is, if I take one day off completely, I will lose my determination and become lazy; its fact. I wasn't completely stringent and disciplined as you'll see below, I didn't necessarily go for a healthy option lunch.. but it was my birthday and it was a treat - not a regular occurrence!
Breakfast - 194 kcal
2 Kallo Organic Rice Cakes - 58 kcal
Sainsburys Dry Cured/Air Dried Bacon Rashers - 126 kcal
1/2 tbsp Heinx Tomato Ketchup - 10 kcal
Lunch - 706 kcal
Iceland Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Snacks - 128 kcal
Robinsons Fruit Juice 500ml then diluted - 40 Kcal
Quavers - 88 Kcal 
Dinner - 794 kcal
Homemade Pad Thai Dish 
So as you can see, I did enjoy my day and still had some food which I fancied - but as I keep banging on about (I know I'm sorry but it helps!) its all about control. Control is what is keeping me on track and keeping focused on this diet! I'll own up to taking 2 prawn crackers which my family had with the Pad Thai dish.. which was naughty, but I wouldn't normally do it.

Instead of opting for a takeaway I chose to have a homemade Thai dish.. mainly because it tasted a million times better then a greasy takeaway and because I could control the amount that went into the dish - I also chose to cook the meal myself, purely not for the control aspect but for another reason entirely just to take my mind off things.

I think I had about 8 calories left at the end of the day on my MyFitnessPal - so with the 2 prawn crackers added, lets say I probably just went over?

However, on Monday I jumped back into my 1300 kcals and finally got in a good run after suffering my bad calf injury which has been nothing but a hindrance to my keeping fit schedule!

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