Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 2 Food Diary - Carb Day!

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Breakfast - 371 Kcal
30g Ready Brek with 150ml Semi-Skimmed Milk
1 medium Banana chopped up
200ml of Fresh Orange Juice
Lunch - 476 Kcal
Whole tin of Heinz Tomato Soup
75g (uncooked) Penne Pasta

Dinner - 453 Kcal
Yellowfin Tuna Steak (Small)
1 1/2 Medium Egg Noodle Nests
Mixed Peppers
Soy Sauce
Worcester Saue
Chinese Five Spice
Chilli Flakes
Rapeseed Oil
Today was a carb day for me I woke up feeling starving, and kept feeling hungry throughout the day so I opted for a filling carb day instead of a light veggie day. I chose to have pasta to bulk up my soup, although if you want something lighter you can always bulk up with extra veg if you want to.
After Monday's rather unsuccesful glup of porridge oats (it was from Weight Watchers which my mum has never used so I thought I'd try) I thought I would switch to Ready Brek - surprisingly I did get more then what I did with the WW Porridge Oats so I'll probably stick with this for a while and get creative with my options.

I also treated myself to a single little Twix bar - I find the multipack singular ones super helpful mainly because I don't feel tempted to have a second just because of the sake that it is in the packet and opened... So the little single ones fit perfectly for me. I must admit I can be a picker, I'm not much of a 'meal' person - I envy the people who can just eat three meals and be fine! I tend to not eat big meals but prefer to graze throughout the day. I'm thinking of possibly setting myself a nut and seed allowance for the day which I can just pick on when I feel peckish without feeling guilty with what I'm eating.

Today's calorie breakdown was pretty reasonable again. The main 3 meals had a good percentage on each, and all stayed pretty much to what I was aiming... not bad for a novice! I definitely did start to struggle in the afternoon leading to dinner. I decided that it was more of a 'mental' problem that was telling me I was hungry, purely because I was bored and doing paperwork - so I chose to take my dogs for a 65 minute brisk walk up the Forest instead of a snack! The rain definitely detracted my mind from food - distraction techniques do work sometimes!

As said above, today was a carb day for me due to feeling absolutely starving. Although I was pretty happy with the MFP targets set, I wasn't too far off my goals, I do look to improve these as time goes along and I get into better habits but for now I'm pretty happy with these!

My first goal would probably to just keep the fat percentage managed as well as I have. I won't be doing food diaries for every day of the week, maybe one or two a week which have different varieties of eating but for the first two I'm pretty happy with the fat management!

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