Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Every Bit Helps! - Exercise!

So this is the first sort of exercise related post I've written on here! Its about confidence, and that even if it feels like you haven't done that much - every little bit helps!

I, myself at the moment am currently unable to do a full proper workout - I'm currently waiting to get the all clear in regards to my chest (I'm prone to chest infections, due to having borderline pneumonia a few years back!) and my shoulder injury which I sustained back in April after a workout went a little wrong!

Until then I can't do a full intense workout so I'm doing other little activites till I can get back to boxing, running and everything else! Below is a little list of things I do...

Burning Calories Exercises
Go for a Long or Inclined Walk
Deep Clean the House
Walk/Run up the stairs for 10-15 Minutes
Vacuuming for 15 Minutes
Dance like a loonatic in your house or bedroom 
(Don't worry at least no one can see you!)
Exercise DVD
Wii Fit - I personally love the rhythm boxing Advanced Level it means at the moment due to my shoulder I can still get a good amount of movement in my shoulder without applying force or pressure to the injured area
Strength Exercises 
(To help strengthen muscles, not necessarily burn calories)
10 Squat Reps
2x 1 minute Planks
Stomach Crunches
Squats into Overhead Press 
(Go into Squat, then with dumbbells or tin cans when you stand up from the squat then pressing weights over your head like you are reaching up!)
Single Leg Dumbbell Row
(You can hold onto a chair or stool if you don't feel balanced enough to stand on one leg)
Step-Up with Bicep Curl
(Using dumbbells or tin cans again get a step and climb up and off it at a steady rhythm - as you climb up then bend your arms with the dumbbels for the bicep curl)
Curtsy Lunge
(I love this one - elegant yet good for that bum!)
SupermanAnother totally fun little stretch!
Don't worry I will do a full follow up post of me doing some of these for you guys! Until then if you are unsure - the internet is your friend! There are tonnes of YouTube channels and websites that show you exactly how to do the strength exercises above!

Just remember, it doesn't matter if you do as little or as much as you like, every little bit helps your body at the end of the day! 

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