Thursday, 25 June 2015

Having a Few Days Off...

So let's be brutally honest, I haven't, personally, met anyone who hasn't been a little bit naughty on a diet or had a few days off from being super strict - and I'm absolutely no exception.

The week before last, I was having a very stressful time, I had to get a report pulled together for the council for an education panel meeting - I had from the Thursday Evening to the next Sunday to get it all done, read through and sent off. You may think that was enough time, I assure you it really wasn't and it meant that my diet sort of went to the side because I had to prioritise my brother and his well-being over mine - I'll be honest, my brother is more important then I am when it comes to things like this, so for me the diet wasn't the top of my mind.

So what did I find helpful to at least stay somewhat on track?

Don't go stir crazy over food
What I mean is, just because you are craving a bit of chocolate, does not mean you have to eat the whole bar. Still moderate what you eating - even if you aren't logging it into a diary.

Be Sensible
Just look at the sensible options - yes you are allowed to have a treat, you don't have to be all Miss Battle Axe on yourself the whole time on your diet, but its just about you being sensible.

During this week I also had the double whammy of my lady visitor being due (sorry boys, TMI I know). I had the odd craving -  I was totally craving a big bowl of ice cream.. So I had the ice cream, just not in a big bowl - and it still satisfied my craving. Sometimes, well for me anyway, you don't need to have a great big portion of something to please your cravings - just enough to satisfy. Again, its all about your moderation of what goes into your body.

Don't be a psycho-weigher
Just because you aren't particularly watching everything you consume as you usually do, does not mean you have to weigh yourself every day. Your bodies weight fluctuates every day, and you are pound to gain or lose a pound within a day - stick to your usual weigh in day and time. 

Don't Worry
The key is to not worry or completely freak out. When it came to my weigh day, I stayed the exact same weight from the week before (I lost 3lbs that week) - considering I normally always gain a lb or two during that time of the month as well due to bloating etc, I was extremley happy to stay the same. And even if you gain, when you are back on track, don't beat yourself up about it - clear your head and focus on the week ahead, next week you may lose 2lbs - keep positive!

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